This course is an introduction to all major tools and processes that are available in Demand Planning and Requirements Planning. It includes navigation, data and record maintenance, forecasting, and is a prerequisite to other Demand and Requirements Planning courses.


Upon completion of this course, participants will have gained some familiarity with the features and functions of the Demand and Requirements Planning modules. Implementation and process development team members will have a basic understanding of design aspects, and planners will be able to start effectively using pre-configured environments.

Student Profile

This course is intended for demand and supply planners, their managers, and Demand and Requirements Planning implementation and process development teams.


5 hours and 35 mins

Course curriculum

    1. How to Navigate

    1. Overview

    2. Environment Setup

    3. Workspaces

    4. Settings and Ranges

    5. Data Types

    6. Spreadsheets

    7. Descriptive Data Panels

    8. Navigation Panels

    9. Notes

    10. Knowledge Check - Environment Setup

    1. Find Record

    2. Ranges

    3. Filters

    4. Range Settings

    5. Condition Operators

    6. Using Multiple Conditions

    7. Knowledge Check - Navigation

    1. Changing Data

    2. Zeroing Data

    3. Deleting Records

    4. Adding Records

    5. Global Changes

    6. Design Considerations

    7. Knowledge Check - Modifying Data

    1. Forecasting Process Explained

    2. Forecast Settings

    3. Forecast Fields

    4. Forecast Review

    5. Design Considerations

    6. Knowledge Check - Forecasting

    1. Aggregates Explained

    2. Aggregation Settings

    3. Design Considerations

    4. Knowledge Check - Aggregation

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