The purpose of this course is to educate the Manufacturing Planning core implementation team about the basic and intermediate functionalities of Manufacturing Planning as a Capacity Planning, Master Production Scheduling, Detailed Scheduling tool. The hands-on session trains participants via a step-by-step process of modeling a sample factory, incorporating one functionality at a time as it’s added to the model. This gives each participant the hands-on experience required for successful implementation. Manufacturing Planning provides the framework needed to begin the Best Practices session where the actual business models are constructed and tested.

Course Objective

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to build a capacity planning model, whether finite or rough cut.

Student Profile

This course is intended for supply chain planners, plant schedulers and managers who work with or are immediately affected by Logility Manufacturing Planning.


• Single Production Process/Single Manufacturing Stage • Inventory constraints, minimum production, UOM and plan edits • Demand import options and orders • Forecast consumption • Purchased raw materials: Recipes and Receipts • Calendars and unit outages • Multiple production units, parallel units and sourcing logic • Secondary resources and costs • Multiple manufacturing stages and intermediate products • Non co-product model and synchronized flow algorithm • Changeovers and sequencing optimization • Publishing plans, exceptions and KPIs

Course Duration

9 hours 40 minutes

Course curriculum

  1. How to Navigate

  2. Manufacturing Planning Overview

  3. Chapter 1 - Single Production Process/Single Manufacturing Stage

  4. Chapter 2 - Inventory Constraints, Minimum Production, UOM and Plan Edits

  5. Chapter 3 - Demand Import Options and Orders/Forecast Consumption

  6. Chapter 4 - Recipes and Receipts

About this course

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