This course covers Logility Replenishment Planning. It will describe how to configure the system to generate order recommendations for purchased items, manufactured items, and transferred items. It will also discuss how to set up and use the various alerts to allow management by exception as well as what-if analysis to test different inventory targets before committing them.


Upon completion of this course, participants will understand how to configure the Replenishment Planning module and be able to analyze, review, and release replenishment recommendations. Participants will also be able to set up and configure alerts, build and edit workflows for order review, and understand how to use unconstrained planned detail screen to run what-if analysis such as a new customer order or a late production order.

Student Profile

This course is intended for supply planners, their managers, and Replenishment Planning implementation and process development teams.


4 hours & 10 minutes

Course curriculum

    1. Network Modeling

    2. Reorder Point

    3. Reorder Point vs. Replenishment Plan Logic

    4. Knowledge Check - Replenishment Concepts

    1. Login and Platform Navigation

    2. Order Review & Unconstrained Plan Detail

    3. Unconstrained Plan Detail Layout

    4. Grid Panel: Customer Orders, Net Forecast, Dependent Demand & Total Receipts

    5. Grid Panel: Planned Orders, Planned Inventory, Projected Inventory

    6. Grid Panel: Safety Stock, Available to Promise, Promotional Lift

    7. Chart Data Panel

    8. Reference Data Tab

    9. Plan Detail Tab

    10. Order Maintenance Tab

    11. Knowledge Check - Navigation

    1. DRP Explained

    2. Controls - Inventory Planning

    3. Controls - Limits

    4. Controls - Time Fences

    5. Controls - Miscellaneous Part 1

    6. Controls - Miscellaneous Part 2

    7. Controls - Action Message Days

    8. Controls - Case Pack Rounding

    9. Default, Keyed, & Cycle Group Calendars

    10. Day Weights

    11. Forecast Reduction & Consumption

    12. Planned Order Calculation

    13. Knowledge Check - Replenishment Planning

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